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ROOTSTIME - 'Blow Junkie' album review (Belgium)

Rootstime - Belgium: “Discover this great blues harp blower from Croatia! “
Tomislav Goluban from Zagorje, is a Croatian blues musician, singer and harmonica player. He is primarily a blues harmonica player and has been doing this since 1997 and now also live on multiple albums. The first album he recorded with the "Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues" band. From 2010 he also draws the studio to work solo. Goluban seeks his inspiration amongst others by Sonny Terry, Slim Harpo, Paul Butterfield, Gary Primich and Kim Wilson. For other biographical information, I refer everyone to his website, which is unfortunately not always translated into English. You are notified in other words.
In a studio in Tugonica in Hrvatska, Croatia is the sixth and latest album "Blow Junkie" by Tomislav Goluban recorded. It is an album with no less than sixteen, all but one original tracks. For his new album, he gave Lovro Sicel help (guitar), Aleksandar Vesic (bass), Igor Vugrek (drums) and Nebojša BUHIN (tremolo guitar) .Eric Needs and Joe Filisko, two fellow harpists, helped him in writing the songs.
 "Harp Rockin '," a short instrumental rocker opens the album. For most of the songs written Goluban both the text and the music. For some songs, such as "what's in a name" boogie "Blow Junkie Boogie", the sultry "Electric Lights" and the title song "Blow Junkie" wrote fellow songwriter (an American living in Croatia - not to be confused with the real! ) Robert Lon Johnson texts. "Gambler's Blues" typifies almost "normal" singing Goluban and also allows guest guitarist Nebojša BUHIN, which has hung around a tremolo guitar, hear. PS. Note here also as the message of the singer! Then there's "On The Roof" with Lovro Sicel, which opens on his cigar box, which provides the necessary slides. And, "by the way" in the South need to be, because they dance on the roof. For the jazzy track "Blues For Mother Earth" Goluban blowing a chromatic harmonica, to then continue with a second (short) instrumental "Boogie 44". "Drivin '& Ridin'" is equally funky and is a tribute to "your machine". Goluban continues with another boogie "Forhill's Boogie" and before that literally drops his voice an octave. Ditto goes for "Two Rockets" to pause after a slow blues "Until The Morning Comes"; whereby the listener after all that dancing, just do not fall into limp. Third and penultimate instrumental "Freedom King" (the quiet campfire valve "Springtime Fever" is the last). Mel London's "Messin 'With The Kid" (as he does often) Goluban's tribute to one of his predecessors ligustere. The song, a blues standard, we also know from Junior Wells and Muddy Waters, is attributed to Mel London, who was also the owner of 'Chief Records. We conclude the review with "Speedin 'Train", which was already known in Croatia in a pop version.
Tomislav Goluban can call itself a true "Blow Junkie". With this great harmonica blues album, you can get acquainted with blues from Croatia, a country where you do not really expect blues and roots music. Let yourself be sure to check surprise by Tomislav Goluban - Lovro Sicel - Aleksandar Vesic - Igor Vugrek & Nebojša Buhin!
ROOTSTIME - Eric Schuurmans, BELGIUM , August 2015